Can I Drink Apple Juice After Tooth Extraction?

This is a question that physicians are usually asked in the office and it’s not a simple answer. It depends on many factors, including how much you drink, who supervised the extraction procedure, what type of anesthesia you had, your sensitivity to pain and anesthetic agents, as well as how long ago the tooth was extracted.

The amount of time you have been awake after having had any sedative/anesthetic agent should also be considered.

Can I Drink Apple Juice After Tooth Extraction?
Can I Drink Apple Juice After Tooth Extraction?

What Is Apple Juice?

Apples are wonderful, delicious fruit, but also contain a high percentage of sugars. Most people who drink apple juice are drinking the fruit juice, of which about 60% is water and 40% carbohydrate (sugar) and fiber. While the fiber may not be bad for you, the concentrated carbohydrates may still cause problems for sensitive teeth.

What Are The Benefits Of Apple Juice?

If you’re drinking apple juice, you may be doing it for a number of health benefits. First, many people drink apple juice because they believe that it contains less sugar than other juices.

However, studies have shown that about 4% to 5% less sugar is contained in apple juice than in orange or grapefruit juice. And there are concerns about apples being very high in pectin, which can cause gingivitis if consumed over time.

Is Apple Juice Good For Teeth?

This is not the case. While it may be good for your taste buds, if the sugar content is high, of course it can cause problems. Cavities and clogs can be avoided by not drinking apple juice (or anything acidic) within a few hours of having your teeth cleaned or when having dental work done.

Which Juice Is Better After Tooth Extraction?

Some medical professionals may tell you that it’s okay to have apple juice after you have had your tooth extracted.

Others will tell you to avoid it for a few days, if not longer. If you are given a small packet of frozen gel to put over your area of extraction, this is also helpful in reducing any bleeding, swelling and pain for about 24 hours after the procedure.

What Kind Of Juice Is Good After Tooth Extraction?

Some people are sensitive to all acidic foods and beverages. If this is the case, immediately after tooth extraction, try to eat a crunchy food like crackers or chips or drink something like milk or water.

Are Juices Good After Getting Teeth Pulled?

If you have had your wisdom teeth removed and your mouth is throbbing with pain (which would be expected), do not drink apple juice for at least a day after the procedure. Your dentist may provide you with a prescription pain medication that can be taken as needed.

What Not To Drink After Tooth Extraction?

Taking care of your teeth is part of your everyday life. In the past, it was common to have a glass of apple juice after you brushed your teeth. But this isn’t a good idea and can damage more than just your tooth enamel and gums.

Is Apple Sauce Good After Tooth Extraction?

Apple sauce is a great option to eat or drink, instead of apple juice. It can be served cold and sweetened with a touch of honey, which may help to ease the pain from being extracted. Or you could also make hot apple sauce if you prefer something warm instead.

Can I Drink Apple Juice After Tooth Extraction?

The answer depends on several factors, including your age, how full the cavity is and how long you have been drinking or eating the apple juice.


There are many different types of juices, some of which can be dangerous for your teeth. If you drink juice regularly, choose natural fruit juice from a carton and limit the amount to 1 glass a day. Anything else can make it difficult for your dental hygienist to clean the rest of your teeth properly and make sure the enamel is not damaged.