Does Apple Juice Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Does apple juice go bad if not refrigerated? Many people seem to have a strong, definitive opinion on the process of whether apple juice goes bad after it’s left out on the counter.

Some claim that all types of juice should be refrigerated while some suggest that food should only be refrigerated if it needs to stay cold for long periods of time.

The truth is, there isn’t one right answer to this question. So what is the best way? In order to know for sure, it’s important to understand how and when these juices go bad in general.

Does Apple Juice Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?
Does Apple Juice Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Is Apple Juice Go Bad?

So why even store your apple juice in the first place if it’s not cold? Because you can, of course. Apple juice is no different from any other fruit juice in that it contains enzymes and so on. A little bit of heat will have no effect on them, but when they start breaking down at high temperatures, they can cause a lot of problems.

Is It Safe To Keep Apple Juice In Room Temperature?

It is safe to keep apple juice at room temperature for a few hours before refrigerating it. The reason for this is simple – enzymes are not going to work at this temperature.

There is no point in keeping it in the fridge, because there will be no noticeable degradation. However, if you refrigerate your apple juice as soon as you open it, the enzymes will begin breaking down and give rise to that unpleasant rotten smell that can never be mistaken with anything else.

How Long Should Apple Juice Be Out?

Another thing you should know about enzymes is that they are effective for 24 hours after being taken out of the fridge, but to be sure, you can keep the juice in there for up to 48 hours.

The important thing is to not leave apple juice at room temperature for longer than a couple of hours. This means that if you don’t drink it right away, you should have a glass or two and throw the rest in the fridge until later.

How Do You Know That Apple Juice Go Bad?

Apple juice is not a living thing, so it’s not going to develop outside of your fridge. It will just begin to break down and lose its original flavor and aroma.

The best way to tell if your apple juice is spoiled is to keep it in the fridge and wait until it develops that strong, rotten smell that comes with decomposing food. Even then, it might still be safe to drink, but trust us – you don’t want to risk it.

Does Apple Juice Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Yes, apple juice can go bad if it’s not refrigerated. Like many other juices, apple juice can spoil if it’s left at room temperature for an extended period. Fresh apple juice usually has a shelf life of around 7 to 10 days when it’s kept refrigerated at or below 40°F (4°C).

When apple juice is not refrigerated, it becomes more susceptible to spoilage due to bacteria growth, which can lead to fermentation and spoilage. The heat and humidity can also cause spoilage, so it’s best to keep it refrigerated.

It’s also essential to check the expiration date on the bottle or package of apple juice to ensure that it’s still safe to drink. If you notice any changes in color, odor, or taste, it’s best to discard it, even if it’s within the expiration date.

Should I Keep Apple Juice In The Fridge?

You can certainly keep your apple juice at room temperature. It will not develop any visible changes due to this, but that doesn’t mean it’s not undergoing changes in the fridge. The taste will degrade over time and you don’t have the “freshness” guarantee anymore.

Does Apple Juice Expire?

Once you open it, you can expect your apple juice to last for a week in a standard refrigerator. If you notice that it’s no longer cold to the touch, however, we suggest throwing it out as soon as possible.


Apple juice doesn’t go bad after a certain amount of time. It’s not really dangerous to eat it if you don’t refrigerate it. It just won’t taste as good and fresh. You can prolong its shelf life by putting it in the fridge, but if you’re not going to drink it soon enough, you should just throw it out.