Does Apple Juice Make Your Dick Bigger?

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads for apple juice before, telling you to drink more of it to grow your penis. Well, there is a hidden message in those advertisements — but if you buy into it, there are some dangers that come with the territory.

First off, let’s discuss what these advertisements claim: If you drink an equivalent amount of apple juice as a man would drink beer or soda on a daily basis — around one liter or eight cups — your penis will grow by three inches in just 12 weeks.

Does Apple Juice Make Your Dick Bigger?
Does Apple Juice Make Your Dick Bigger?

What Is Apple Juice?

Apple juice is simply apple juice with the pulp removed. It consists of the juice from apples (not grapefruits, oranges, etc.) that have been pressed to extract the entire volume of juice. The pulp is squeezed out and then disposed of.

So, what exactly would we expect to happen by consuming this same amount of apple juice? Well there is one thing we know – liquid calories do NOT increase penis size or erection hardness.

What Happen If I Drink Apple Juice Daily?

Our bodies rely on a constant supply of water to keep blood volume and pressure up. As we consume more and more apple juice, the solid (fiber) portion of the fruit dilutes our blood and it ends up being pushed out when we urinate. So drinking apple juice can deplete your body of minerals, especially calcium:

In reality, apple juice is nothing more than a very high sugar beverage with absolutely no nutritional value for us whatsoever.

Is Apple Juice Anti-Inflammatory?

Apple juice is anti-inflammatory because of the flavonoids and Vitamin C content (among others). These nutrients help to reduce inflammation of the arteries, reducing your risk of heart disease.

The same applies to erectile dysfunction and impotence. Studies show that apple juice helps to lower high cholesterol, one of the leading causes of heart disease. It can also lower blood pressure, another factor in ED and impotence. So, apple juice does have its benefits.

What Drink Makes Your Penis Bigger?

Beer, Soda and Alcohol

Alcohol is loaded with purines, a substance that not only puts stress on your kidneys, but also causes you to pee out more of the vitamins and minerals you’ve been drinking. So, if you’re looking for a quick way to lose some much-needed blood volume (which will appear as “shrinkage” in most cases), all you need to do is drink booze.

Does Apple Juice Make Your Dick Bigger?

Some people might drink enough apple juice that they end up peeing it out over the course of a few months. The only way to make sure you are getting the health benefits of a full serving of apples all at once is to actually eat an entire apple as opposed to just chugging a cup of juice.

Is Apple Juice Help To Get A Big Dick?

There are many benefits of drinking apple juice that make it a great idea as a part of a healthy diet. It’s no wonder that so many diets nowadays include apple juice as part of the recommended intake.

It’s time to stop reading food labels and start reading what they are saying. Not only does alcohol set up situations that result in erectile dysfunction, but it also blocks the effects of some natural herbs and supplements that can be taken to promote the growth of male sex organs.


In a nutshell, apple juice doesn’t make your penis bigger. Just the opposite in fact; most of the vitamins and minerals ultimately have to pass through your system first, including the more important ones like Vitamin E (which helps to prevent damage to blood vessels), Vitamin C (for your immune system), and mineral content (such as calcium which is needed for strong bones).

As a result, any man who chooses to drink alcohol regularly will have his sex life jeopardized.