Does Apple Juice Make Your Penis Grow?

Not only apple but also apple juice is a very popular drink in the world and many people are wondering if it has the ability to make a penis grow. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim because it is not possible for any food or drink to induce penile growth.

Starting with the basics, a person’s body already produces erections on its own as needed. If a person is sexually excited, the body will build up the levels of certain hormones in the body, which causes an erection. This is called sexual arousal.

An erection is nothing more than an involuntary lubricating mechanism in a man’s body triggered by his central nervous system. It is not necessary for a person to drink apple juice for it to turn on this mechanism.

Does Apple Juice Make Your Penis Grow?
Does Apple Juice Make Your Penis Grow?

What Is Apple Juice?

Apple juice is a fresh pressed fruit juice from apples. It can either be natural or processed with added sugar. Apple juice comes in two forms – unfiltered and filtered. Unfiltered apple juices are less processed, but they are higher in pulp, whereas the filtered ones are smoother to drink and contain no pulp.

What Are The Benefits Of Apple Juice?

There are several labels on apple juice, which indicate its health benefits and nutrients.

Much like the other fruit juices, Apple juice is a rich source of potassium. It is an essential mineral for the body because it works closely with sodium to regulate fluids in and around body cells.

The amount of potassium in Apple Juice is high enough to help fight a deficiency that can cause muscle weakness and high blood pressure. The body may also lose potassium due to chronic diarrhea, vomiting or sweating.

Is Apple Juice Anti-Inflammatory?

Apple juice is high in vitamin C, which boosts the body’s immune system, acting as an antioxidant. The antioxidant helps to neutralize free radicals that can damage cells and cause cancer.

Apple juice is also a good source of some B vitamins and potassium, which are essential for energy production. Other nutrients found in small amounts include magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and folic acid.

Apple Juice has been shown to reduce blood pressure levels. It also promotes better blood flow by relaxing blood vessels.

What Happen If I Drink Apple Juice Daily?

Drinking 3-4 glasses a day of apple juice may help people to

Apple juice contains pectin, a soluble fiber that lowers bad LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels – but not HDL, the good kind. It also helps to clear bile from the digestive system and makes bowel movements easier.

Pectin is also believed to have anti-cancer properties. It is suggested that the substance could lessen the risk of tumors by keeping cell walls strong and preventing them from rapidly growing into new cancer cells.

Does Apple Juice Make Your Penis Grow?

Apple juice will not make your penis grow but there are several other benefits that it can bring for a person.

If you want to take advantage of the health benefits of apple juice and you happen to be a guy, it is recommended that you drink small amounts of apple juice, rather than drinking large amounts. large quantities of anything may have adverse effects on your health.


It would be best if you can make your own apple juice. Unfiltered apple juice is a lot healthier than processed ones. Processed Apple juice will always have added sugar in them which is not good for your health and that too in large amounts.

As mentioned above, there are several benefits of drinking apple juice and it is up to you to take advantage of those benefits by drinking small quantities daily.