Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Recipes: 7 Amazing Health Benefits

Frozen orange juice concentrate recipes are a great way to stay on trend with eating healthy but still keep things interesting.

With so many different flavors and recipes to choose from, you really can’t just be repeating the same old thing every day!

Orange juice frozen concentrate recipes are a great way to get some of those essential vitamins and minerals that you need to stay healthy, such as vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Not only do these nutrients help your body’s cells to function properly, they also help your cardiovascular system and keep your eyesight in check.

Frozen orange juice concentrate recipes are designed to be made in small batches and then frozen. You can do this by measuring out the ingredients and then freezing them in large zip top bags.

Revive your leftover fruit juice concentrate by mixing it with ice, orange juice, or whatever sweetener you’d like!

There are many benefits of this recipe over store bought orange juice. They include freshness and lower sugar content.

Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Recipes
Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Recipes

The main ingredient, frozen orange juice concentrate, is actually a natural product that has no preservatives or added chemicals, which are often found in fruit juice. This makes them a healthier alternative to bottled orange juice and less expensive.

How To Make Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Recipes?

Prepare time: 5 minutes



Step 1. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon over the ice cubes. This will help release the aroma.

Step 2. Add 1 cup orange juice concentrate and stir, adding more ice cubes as necessary, until completely frozen.

Step 3. Put in freezer containers and store in freezer for about a month before serving.

Nutrition Facts Of Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Recipes

  • Calories:170
  • total fat: 0g
  • cholesterol: 0mg
  • sodium: 45mg
  • potassium: 200mg
  • carbohydrates: 42g
  • fiber: 2g
  • protein: 2g

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate Recipes

1. Digestion

Freezing the ingredients in this recipe is an effective way of killing bacteria in food and drinks. Freezing prevents micro-organisms from growing, which helps keep your digestive system healthy.

2.Good For Heart

Oranges are a great source of vitamin C, which contributes to maintaining the health of your cardiovascular system. Vitamin C also enables white blood cells to fight disease and infections in your body.

3.Good For Vision

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for maintaining healthy eyes. It helps your eyes to dilate and helps in the development of new veins between the layers of your retina.

4.Good For Skin

Vitamin C is great for helping skin cells to absorb the oxygen that is needed to produce collagen, which gives you smooth and supple skin.

5. Helpful For Bones

Oranges are great sources of vitamin K, which is important for bone health. Vitamin K helps calcium to be absorbed into the body and prevents calcium loss from bones. It also helps your body to keep its bones strong as you grow older.

6.Good For Skin

Citrus fruits contain antioxidants such as vitamin C which slows down the process of aging.  Vitamin C helps maintain healthy skin, hair and nails by providing you with adequate collagen production.  

7.Boost Energy Level

Frozen orange juice concentrate recipes provides vitamin B6 which is boost your energy levels by converting the carbohydrates into glucose in the blood stream.


The main ingredients in these recipes are frozen orange juice concentrate and ice cubes, which will ensure your recipe is fresh and tastes delicious.

These recipes have been designed to add a little extra flavor to your day, while also giving you the health benefits that you need to live a long and happy life!