Pork Chop Recipes Orange Juice: 5 Amazing Health Benefits

Pork chop recipes orange juice is a tasty and flavorful food recipe that takes only a few minutes to prepare.

Orange juice provides a natural sweet flavor while apple cider vinegar adds the trademark tanginess that is typically associated with pork along with the necessary health benefits of consuming juicing ingredients.

In addition, this dish is gluten-free, meaning that it can be eaten by more people and doesn’t trigger any negative reactions in anyone who may be allergic to wheat or beer.

This recipe is suitable for preparing a delicious beef and pork recipe that will delight any crowd with its tangy, sweet and flavorful taste.

Pork chop recipes orange juice can be served as an appetizer or as a main course meal, depending on your preferences.

You can even serve this dish with roasted potatoes for a hearty, comfort food meal.

There are many benefits of consuming pork, which is typically associated with an array of health benefits. This is because the meat contains high levels of a protein called leucine, which is vital in regulating blood sugar.

Pork Chop Recipes Orange Juice
Pork Chop Recipes Orange Juice

Protein in general also helps to build muscle mass as long as it is consumed in moderation and not consumed excessively.

In addition to that, another benefit that pork gives people who consume it on a regular basis is that it contains high levels of selenium, zinc and phosphorus.

How To Make Pork Chop Recipes Orange Juice?

Prepare time: 15 minutes



Step 1. Remove the orange peel with a knife and slice the fruit into quarters.

Step 2. Slice the quarters into small pieces.

Step 3. Remove the rinds of the apples and chop them into medium sized pieces.

Step 4. Place all of the chopped ingredients into a food processor and pulse them until they form a flavored paste.

Step 5. Combine all of the ingredients, along with a little salt, in a large bowl.

Step 6. Rub everything together using your hands until it forms a uniform mixture.

Step 7. If you are serving this dish as an appetizer, you can place the sliced pork chops on a baking sheet and drizzle them with the orange juice sauce.

Step 8. Place them under the broiler for approximately 20 minutes until the tops of the chops become crispy and browned.

Step 9. If you are eating this dish as a main course, you can place the chops on a plate and pour the sauce on top.

Step 10. Serve while they are still hot.

Nutrition Facts Of Pork Chop Recipes Orange Juice

  • Calories: 162
  • Fat: 5 g
  • Saturated fat: 1.5 g
  • Cholesterol: 60 mg
  • Sodium: 414 mg
  • Carbs: 12 g
  • Protein: 27 g
  • Fiber: 2.6 g

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pork Chop Recipes Orange Juice

1. Detoxify The Body

The apple cider vinegar contained in this dish has strong cleansing properties, which help the body to naturally eliminate toxins and waste.

2. Fight Heart Disease

The anti-inflammatory properties of lemon neutralize free radicals in the body that can cause severe damage to your heart.

3. Boosts Metabolism

Pork is a high-quality source of protein, which increases your metabolic rate and helps you to burn fat at a faster pace.

4. Regulate Blood Sugar

The high levels of leucine found in pork contribute to the regulation of blood sugar levels by preventing insulin spikes that often lead to hypoglycemia.

5. Fight Cancer

Selenium and zinc are two minerals that help the body fight off the diseases that cause cancer, including prostate cancer and skin cancer.


Preparing pork chop recipes orange juice is an easy way to take advantage of the beneficial properties that pork provides.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the lemon and apple cider vinegar allow the dish to neutralize free radicals and raise your antioxidant levels, helping you fight against damaging diseases such as heart disease.