Strawberry Smoothie Recipe With Orange Juice: 7 Amazing Health Benefits

Strawberry smoothie recipe with orange juice is a fruity, satisfying smoothie that can be a powerful start to your day.

It’s got a great balance of sweetness, fruitiness and creaminess with no all-too-common blandness. It also packs in some fiber from the oats and milk which means you’ll have lots of energy for the day ahead without feeling weighed down.

Strawberry smoothie recipe with orange juice is easy enough to make with your kids to get them involved.

This way, they’ll be learning how to make a smoothie, be getting some exercise and you’ll be able to see their delight in it as well as benefiting from a healthier alternative to the sugary breakfast cereals available today.

There are many benefits of smoothies to start your day because these drinks are very nutritious. Smoothies are loaded with vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, A, K, E, B-complex vitamins and minerals like iron and calcium.

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe With Orange Juice
Strawberry Smoothie Recipe With Orange Juice

So, drink a smoothie if you want to give your body the nutrients it needs while providing energy without having to stuff yourself with heavy foods.

This creamy strawberry smoothie made with orange juice is also loaded with other beneficial ingredients.

How To Make Strawberry Smoothie Recipe With Orange Juice?

Prepare time: 10 minutes


  • Milk – 275 ml
  • Orange juice – 400 ml
  • Oats – 40 gams (1/2 cup)
  • Ice cubes – 3
  • Strawberries – 100 gams, chopped


Step 1. Put milk, oats and ice cubes in a blender. Blend until the mixture is smooth.

Step 2. Add the orange juice to the blender and blend to mix well. 

Step 3. Add the strawberries to the blender and blend again until you get a smooth creaminess. Add more orange juice if you wish for more orange taste in your smoothie drink.

Serve immediately for best results or keep refrigerated in an airtight container for a few days after preparation to avoid spoiling.

Nutrition Facts Of Strawberry Smoothie Recipe With Orange Juice

  • Calories: 272
  • Protein: 10.45 gm
  • Carbohydrates: 44.59 gm
  • Fat: 6.87 gm
  • Sodium: 97 mgs
  • Cholesterol: 8 mgs 
  • Fiber 4.33 gams

 7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Strawberry Smoothie Recipe With Orange Juice

1. High In Vitamin C

 Strawberry smoothie is a great source of vitamin C and this vitamin is very beneficial for your body. Increasing the consumption of strawberries will lower the risk of getting cold and other diseases.

2. High In Potassium

 According to experts, potassium is very important for the health of every cell in our body. This mineral also helps to lower down blood pressure, which is good for our heart health.

3. High In Calcium

 Calcium is important for strong bones. It is a kind of mineral that works hand in hand with vitamin D and has been shown to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in women.

4. Contains Fiber

 Fiber helps to cleanse the digestive system and keep it healthy and serve other functions as well. Also, fiber helps remove toxins from our body thereby giving a wide range of health benefits.

5. Contains Vitamins

 Strawberry has many essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for living. Vitamin B1- helps in regulating the nervous system. Vitamin B6 in a good source of energy.

6. Weight Loss

 A number of studies have shown that eating strawberry can help to improve your weight management because they contain a very low number of calories but a high amount of nutrients.

7. An Anti-Inflammatory

 Research has shown that strawberries can help to reduce inflammation. This is one of the healthy benefits of strawberries, which means it can help to prevent a number of diseases.


Strawberry smoothie recipe with orange juice is a delicious drink made from fresh strawberries, orange juice and oats. Servings of this strawberry smoothie vary according to the amount of ice cubes used and the taste you prefer.