Vodka Orange Juice Recipe: 6 Amazing Health Benefits

Vodka orange juice recipe is a great drink to have on hand when you want a refreshing and tasty beverage.

This cocktail is great for when you are battling a hangover or simply need something that is somewhat easy to make but will still provide you with a bit of excitement.

 It’s always fun to experiment with different flavors, so try adding some orange zest or simple syrup that complements your citrus juices.

This recipe is perfect for people who like orange and vodka, but if you have never tried them together,

Orange juice, vodka and ice are very important ingredients in this drink. Without these ingredients, it would be very difficult to bring out the flavor of the orange in the drink.

The simple combination of these 3 ingredients can make an incredible drink that is completely different from anything else you have ever tried.

There are many benefits of having this vodka and orange juice recipe in your house. First of all, it is very healthy. The orange juice has low calories and the vodka is a pretty good source of antioxidants.

Vodka Orange Juice Recipe
Vodka Orange Juice Recipe

Not to mention that the combination of ingredients makes the drink very delicious, so it is worth trying if you don’t like one or both of these ingredients.

How To Make Vodka Orange Juice Recipe?

Prepare time: 15 min.


  • 1 large orange
  • 1 cup vodka
  • Ice cubes


Step 1. Squeeze ½ of the orange into a highball glass

Step 2. Fill with ice

Step 3. Pour ⅓ cup of vodka over it

Step 4. Add the rest of the juice from the orange and mix well.

Step 5. Pour rest of the vodka over it and mix again

Nutrition Facts Of Vodka Orange Juice Recipe

  • Calories: 97
  • Sodium: 1.5mg
  • Potassium: 114.0mg
  • Total carbs: 16.9g
  • sugar: 16.9g
  • Protein: 0.5g  
  • Fat total: 4.

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Vodka Orange Juice Recipe

1. Great For Skin

It is a well-known fact that orange juice is very good for your skin. There are dozens of different types of vitamins that you will find in orange juice, including vitamin C, an antioxidant that will boost your immune system as well as keeping your skin looking young.

2. Good For Heart

Vodka orange juice recipe has a lot of benefits for your heart, including the fact that it has some antioxidants. You will increase your heart health by consuming this cocktail as it can also lower your risk of getting cancer and high blood pressure.

3. Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

Another great benefit of orange juice is that it contains a powerful antioxidant called pectin. This antioxidant is known for its ability to reduce the risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and heart diseases.

4. Great For Teeth

Vodka orange juice recipe has great benefits for your teeth as it can prevent tooth decay and it also helps to get rid of bad breath.

5. Prevents Constipation

Orange juice helps you avoid constipation because it is full of fiber, which makes you feel fuller and more satisfied, so you will have less cravings. The same applies to orange vodka recipes .

6. Boosts Energy

Vodka orange juice has a lot of energy-boosting properties. It is an excellent choice when you want to feel more active during the day, even if you are not exercising.

This combo is the best on an empty stomach as it will give you a boost of energy and keep you awake until late at night.


Vodka orange juice is a beautiful fruit cocktail with a lot of benefits for your health and it is very easy to make at home. You can drink it throughout the day and you will never get tired of its taste.