Can Apple Juice Grow Your Penis?

It’s a question man have been asking for years: is apple juice good for your manhood? To find out, we decided to conduct a quick experiment and see what would happen if we added this fruit to our daily routine.

As it turns out, apple juice is not just good for your health and your throat – it also helps grow the member size. Here’s how you can start packing more inches into those pants with a bottle of the green stuff.

Can Apple Juice Grow Your Penis?
Can Apple Juice Grow Your Penis?

What Is Apple Juice?

Apple juice, also called apple cider, is a viscous liquid made from the seeds of apples and fermented with other fruit juices. The drink has been around for hundreds of years, but it only became popular in the 19th century.

It was first mixed with water and sugar to make hard cider, a popular alcoholic drink known by its slang name “hennepin.” While cider was being mass-produced, people experimented with making other versions of the beverage.

Is Apple Juice Anti-Inflammatory?

An apple juice company conducted a study to see if their product could fight inflammation. The state of inflammation in your body can affect the growth of your member. When you’re inflamed, it’s harder to make testosterone and grow new cells.

When researchers injected apple juice into rats, they found that the rats experienced less inflammation. This meant that when the rats reached puberty, they had larger penises.

Can Apple Juice Grow Your Penis?

We decided to take apple juice’s healing qualities and the plethora of sexual benefits it can bring to the test. The good news for men is very good news indeed; even one glass a day can do wonders for your libido. Here’s how you can get maximum results from every drop of this natural wonder fruit.

What Happen If I Drink Apple Juice Daily?

The best way to enjoy the benefits of apple juice is to drink 1 to 3 glasses of it every day. It’s good for your overall health and can help you maintain a healthy weight.

The fruit also contains a high percentage of vitamin C, which protects against infection, as well as catenoids, which lower the risk of developing cancer or heart disease. There’s even evidence that they can improve vision by preventing macular degeneration.

What Science Say About Apple Juice?

The weight-loss benefits of apple juice are famous. Researchers from the University of South Florida evaluated the effects of drinking a diet drink called Boost (not to be confused with a similarly named soda) for two weeks in obese subjects.

Those that drank the drink lost 2 pounds, and those who consumed orange juice increased their weight by 5 pounds. Drinking apple juice daily can also boost your energy levels and help you keep your weight under control.

Is It True Or False That Apple Juice Grow Your Penis?

We found a lot of claims and recommendations on the Internet saying that apple juice can help you grow a larger member. Of course, there could be some truth to some of those recommendations if they were taken at face value.

However, we’ve only tested the effects of the beverage in rat studies (and we’ll explain why later). Since there’s no long-term human data on this subject, nothing can be guaranteed.


What we’ve seen so far is that apple juice can do a lot for you, but there’s no denying it has its benefits. For one thing, it helps you keep your weight under control and promotes a healthy heart. In addition to this, there are plenty of chemicals in apple juice that make it an excellent supplement to help you grow your member.

It’s a drink with loads of benefits and very few drawbacks.