Can I Drink Apple Juice After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

There is confusion that can I drink apple juice after wisdom teeth removal? Today I will discuss this confusion, and to clear your confusion, I have discussed that.

Apple juice contains sugar. Sugar should be avoided for at least 24 hours after wisdom teeth surgery as the sugar may cause a risk of infection and slow healing and tissue repair. So can you drink apple juice after the operation? Consult your doctor before you drink apple juice after the extraction of a wisdom tooth.

Can I Drink Apple Juice After Wisdom Teeth Removal?
Can I Drink Apple Juice After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

What Can I Drink After Having Wisdom Teeth Removal?

After wisdom teeth surgery, you can eat light, fresh fruit juices instead of apple juice.

Beware of citric acid & sodium citrate juice drinks designed to “delay the sour taste” and have added ingredients such as sodium citrate. These drinks may contain citric acid, which can irritate the mouth and increase swelling after surgery.

Can I Drink Fruit Juice After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Some of these products have added sugars that can promote bacterial growth. The sugar from fruit makes the juice drink taste sweet, so it is recommended to drink fruit juice after wisdom teeth removal.

Can I Drink Chocolate After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Chocolate has sugar and calories, which may cause pain and inflammation in the jawbone and surrounding teeth. Use dark chocolate instead.

Can I Drink Tea After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Tea is generally safe to drink. Ensure the tea is soothing to your gums and mouth instead of hot and spicy. You can drink it as a hot or cold drink.

Can I Eat Fruit After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Smoothies are always recommended for quick recovery after surgery because it helps to avoid the risk of malnutrition. Fruit is rich in vitamin C and minerals, so it’s good for healing. But you must avoid fruit with high sugar content (for example, frozen fruits) because it has a risk of causing yeast infection after surgery.

Can I Drink Milk After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Milk gives calcium for bone repair when an injury or trauma damages the bone. Milk also stimulates the healing of sinus tissue and softens the scars formed during the surgery process.

Can I Drink Cold Water After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Yes, you can drink cold water after nerve surgery. The cold water helps to relieve sore jaw, itch, and pain associated with wisdom teeth removal.

Can I Drink Lemonade After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Lemonade contains citrate, which is an acid that can damage soft tissues. Try to avoid lemonade-type drinks after the operation. Drink sports drinks, fruit juices, or smoothies instead.

What Other Drinks Should I Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

You should avoid carbonated and sugary drinks as much as possible because they can cause excessive bleeding and swelling after the operation. It would be best to avoid carbonated, cola-type drinks such as Coke or other soda beverages.

Can I Eat Ice Cream After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Drinks made with artificial sweeteners, such as diet soda or sugar-free desserts, are recommended to be avoided. Artificial sweeteners may cause side effects, including stomach problems, dry mouth, sugar cravings, and tooth decay.

How Many Days Should I Rest After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

It would be best to rest for at least one day after surgery. You may also need a prescription pain medication to relieve the pain and reduce swelling.

Will I Get Antibiotics After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

You will not eat any food or drink anything orally. Avoid eating or drinking anything orally, like alcohol, juices, fruit juice, and other beverages like soda. Do not smoke or drink caffeine drinks, including coffee, more than usual, as it may cause damage to your teeth and gum tissue.

Can I Drink Apple Juice After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

They say not to drink apple juice after wisdom teeth removal as it has sugar which can cause infection.

But I never heard that apple juice would damage the teeth. Have you ever listened to that apple juice will damage the teeth? It is a natural fruit that is so good for the digestion of all types of food.


There are many details about wisdom teeth surgery, what to do after the surgery, how to recover, etc.

The above information is basic knowledge that all patients should know before undergoing wisdom teeth surgery. Do you have any questions about whether I can drink apple juice after wisdom teeth removal? Please leave a comment below.