Can You Drink Apple Juice After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Can you drink apple juice after wisdom teeth removal? Some say drinking apple juice after removing wisdom teeth is an excellent way to soothe sore gums, but others aren’t convinced.

Here we vote in favor of the former: apple juice provides a good source of vitamin C and other nutrients needed for recovery and healing. Of course, it might not be the best idea to drink large quantities on the day of surgery (like other fruit juices), though you should feel free to indulge in apple juice with meals throughout the week following removal.

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Can You Drink Apple Juice After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

What Can I Drink After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Various fruit juices and dairy products are safe to consume after wisdom teeth removal, especially if you are starting your journey toward oral health. There is little risk with any of the following beverages:

1. Water (the only bacteria found in water are beneficial)

2. Milk Drinks

3. Diet sodas

4. Carbonated Beverages

5. Apple Juice

6. Cranberry Juice

What Other Drinks Should I Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

There are a few drinks that should be avoided after wisdom teeth removal:

1. Coffee

2. Alcohol

3. Tea (some studies have shown that tea may irritate the mouth, although there is no scientific evidence)

4. Caffeine-containing beverages (energy drinks, sodas, etc.)

Can I Drink Fruit Juice After Wisdom Teeth Remove?

Yes, apple juice is a safe choice after wisdom teeth removal. There are a few different types of apple juice you can choose from: 

1. Apple juice (fresh or canned)

2. Apple Juice Concentrate

3. Soda apple juice cocktail

you should not include any in your diet to keep healthy teeth and gums.  However, if you have experienced any issues since the teeth were removed, please see a doctor to get the right prescription for the best treatment for your mouth.

Can I Drink Cold Water After Wisdom Teeth Remove?

Yes, but the only time I would do so would be to rinse my mouth after having a meal prepared with lots of oil, or I would drink it if I experience throat problems.

Can I Drink Milk After Wisdom Teeth Remove?

Yes, milk is fine to drink after wisdom teeth removal. However, as with other drinks, Doctor’s Orders suggests not drinking whole milk because of its high carbonation levels. Stick to 1% milk and skip the “cool” topping if you want a smooth finish.

Can You Drink Apple Juice After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Yes, it is safe to drink apple juice after wisdom teeth removal. Many people are surprised to learn that apple juice can be consumed after having wisdom teeth removed; however, the answer is yes.

In most cases, drinking too much of anything with large quantities of sugar will cause stomach problems and make your mouth uncomfortable.

While eating too many sugary foods is never advised, there is no risk when consuming a small amount of sugar-laden fruit juices, such as apple juice, after wisdom teeth removal.

How Many Days Should I Rest After Wisdom Teeth Remove?

Resting should be essential to your recovery after removing your wisdom teeth. If you are feeling pain, it is best to rest and avoid any vigorous activity that could cause further discomfort.

Because every person’s recovery is different, there is no exact number of days you will need to rest after removing your wisdom teeth. Just ensure you are feeling better before trying strenuous or overly stressful activities.


Some people have found that they have an aversion to the taste of apple juice since they had their wisdom teeth removed.

This can be avoided by being aware of what you eat and drink. Do not consume anything with excessive sugar, as this could make your mouth uncomfortable and cause stomach problems.