Frozen Apple Juice: 6 Amazing Health Benefits

Frozen apple juice is a popular drink with a lot of different variations. Some people like it cold while others prefer it warm, some put rum in it and some use vodka, but all agree on the recipe being simple.

The most common ingredients are apple juice and ice water with a small amount of lemon or lime juice added if desired.

In this article we will go over how to make frozen apple juice at home in just about one minute by placing an apple in a blender for about 30 seconds.

This apple juice is not only tasty and refreshing, but also very healthy. This drink is filled with nutrients and vitamin C, the most famous vitamin for boosting your immune system response.

Frozen Apple Juice
Frozen Apple Juice

There are many benefits of frozen apple juice and this drink is very easy to make. If you have any leftover fruit from a dinner or lunch you can use it to make this delicious drink.

This drink is also very suitable for young children and toddlers, the only difference being that parents might want to add a small amount of sugar if their child prefers the drink sweeter due to its natural sourness.

The most vital ingredient in this juice is apple because it is what makes it so tasty.

How To Make Frozen Apple Juice?

Prepare time: 10 minutes


  • -Apples
  • -Water
  • -Ice cubes and straws


Step 1. Clean and wash an apple. Look at the pictures to see how to do it properly.

Step 2. Peel the apple and slice it.

Step 3. Put all your ingredients in a blender and blend for about 30 seconds to one minute, depending on your blender model. Make sure you do not overdo it because you will get a very pure juice and there might be too much ice if you over blend the drink too long.

Nutrition Facts Of Frozen Apple Juice

  • -Calories: ~133
  • -Carbohydrates: ~24 grams
  • -Protein: 1 gram
  • -Fat: 0.03 grams

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Frozen Apple Juice

1. Glowing Skin

According to studies, drinking this juice regularly can boost your body’s ability to fight cancer, inflammation, and viruses. These antioxidants are also responsible for brightening your skin tone if you do not have any problems with acne or other similar skin conditions.

2. Immune System

Frozen apple juice is also very delicious and it gives you a boost of vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts your immune system response and fights off colds. In fact, if you drink this juice regularly, you are less likely to catch the common cold since your body will have a stronger immune system response.

3. Energy Boost

This juice is very healthy so it also provides you with energy due to the nutrients in the fruits that make it up.

4. Improved Metabolism

The vitamins and minerals in this drink provide the body with energy and improve blood circulation throughout your body, causing you to lose weight faster.

5. Improved Digestion

Frozen apple juice has also been proven to help improve digestion, so if you drink this regularly your bowel movements will become more regular. If you suffer from constipation, increased fibre intake can help a lot.

6. Heart Health

Apple juice also helps your body remove build-up of cholesterol in the arteries and prevent blood clots that lead to heart attacks. It also lowers triglyceride levels and improves your atheromatous plaque by altering its composition.


Frozen apple juice is very healthy, tasty and easy to make. It has many benefits and is recommended for everyone. This drink is perfect for breakfast, a snack or even as a late night after dinner drink.