Does Apple Juice Make You Pee?

Apple juice is one of the most popular drinks but does apple juice make you pee? People often consume it as a healthy alternative to soft drinks.

You may have noticed that when you drink a lot of apple juice, you begin to urinate more — but does this mean drinking apple juice is bad for your bladder? Let’s find out!

We’ll cover what causes increased urination when consuming apple juice and how this might not be so bad for your bladder after all.

Does Apple Juice Make You Pee?
Does Apple Juice Make You Pee?

What Is Apple Juice?

Apples are a good source of vitamin C, and they’re also loaded with antioxidants – all the more reason to boost your intake if you’re looking for ways to prevent or treat an illness.

Partly because of this, apple juice has become pretty popular. Health food and grocery stores sell it side by side with sports drinks and soda, making it easy to supplement your diet with healthier ingredients.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Apple Juice?

Apples have many great health benefits; drinking apple juice can improve health. Aside from the antioxidants given off by apples, apple juice is a good source of vitamin C. This vitamin is not only important for your immune system but it’s also known to help protect against cancer.

Apple juice contains fiber and pectin, which helps you feel fuller between meals and may help reduce your risk of heart disease.

What Happens If I Drink Apple Juice Daily?

When you drink apple juice daily, you expose yourself to various health benefits. Drinking apple juice can help your digestion, reduce inflammation, and even help prevent cancerous cells from growing in your breast tissue.

Apple juice is very high in sugar; however, if you consume it responsibly, it can still positively affect your health.

Does Apple Juice Make You Pee?

Yes — but this doesn’t mean you should avoid drinking apple juice altogether. When you ingest food or drink, your digestive system absorbs nutrients from what you consume and sends waste materials to your kidneys, which filter it out of your blood and transport it to your bladder for expulsion.

When your bladder isn’t full, the waste material is usually sent out of the body without your interference. Still, if you’re fully hydrated with all the water and nutrients your body needs, new waste products must wait until they can be removed naturally.

Does Apple Juice Change The Color Of Pee?

If you drink a lot of apple juice and notice that your urine becomes a bit darker, this is normal.

Whenever you eat or drink something containing large amounts of sugar, this sugar has to be processed by your kidneys, which causes waste material to build up in the blood. During this process, the yeast cells in the intestines digest some of the sugar, creating red pigments that are filtered out by your kidneys and turned into dark-colored urine.

What Are The Harmful Aspects Of Apple Juice?

If you drink too much apple juice for several days, some harmful effects can occur. Your kidneys will face much more pressure from waste material, and your blood sugar levels may become more easily imbalanced, leading to a subsequent increase in your risk of diabetes.

It’s okay to drink apple juice as part of a balanced diet, but if you consume too much daily, you could face some unwanted health issues.


Be sure to get the right amount of apple juice in your diet, whether through a few glasses of fluid daily or as part of a healthy balanced meal.

If you decide to drink apple juice, check with your doctor and ensure you’re consuming enough water and other fluids every day.