Does Apple Juice Make Your Pp Bigger?

Do you have a lot of belly fat? Do you know someone who does? Well, that person could be taking in more than 1.5 times the recommended daily intake of apple juice. We all know how these silky smooth, refreshing juices can fill us up and our tummies with goodness — but this was an unexpected side effect we never knew before!

So, if you’re planning on losing weight or trying to shed your gut, I highly recommend not drinking apple juice to avoid ingesting excess levels of fructose.

Does Apple Juice Make Your Pp Bigger?
Does Apple Juice Make Your Pp Bigger?

What Is Apple Juice?

Apple juice is a juice beverage made from freshly pressed apple (or other) fruit juice. It’s similar in texture to orange juice, but slightly more diluted and smoother in taste.

There are two main types of apple juice: natural and concentrate. Natural apple juice is the type you’ll find at most grocery and supermarkets, and has no preservatives added, which means it will spoil quicker than concentrate.

Does Apple Juice Make Your Pp Bigger?

Natural apple juice contains the good stuff— namely, the fiber and other nutritional benefits of apples. This is why it’s still recommended for people with digestive issues, but it’s not as great for weight loss — even though it still contains more calories than most other beverages.

So, if you need a refreshing drink to satisfy your sweet tooth and also keep you full, apple juice can be your best bet!

But what if you have a lot of belly fat? Well, this might be your chance to lose that extra blubber.

If I Drink Apple Juice Daily What Happen?

A new study by researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) found that apple juice can increase belly fat over time. In the study, 40 male participants were given 500 ml of either 100% apple juice, or pure water to drink for two weeks every morning before breakfast.

Blood samples were also taken every day to determine the levels of glucose and insulin in both groups.

Is Apple Juice Healthy For Kidneys?

Yes! Apple juice is a good source of potassium that is essential for your kidneys to maintain a proper electrolyte balance. Drinking lots of apple juice will also help keep your heart and vascular system in good shape.

Does Apple Juice Help Lose Weight?

Yes! Apple Juice is a rich source of pectin, which research has shown can help you shed some pounds. The fiber fills you up faster and slows down digestion process to reduce food cravings. The natural antioxidants from the apples also helps increase metabolism to accelerate fat burning.

What Drink Makes Your Pp Bigger?

If you like to have a healthy, filling breakfast in the morning, this is the one for you. The best part about these protein pancakes is that they are completely raw. You can enjoy them with any berries and or topping of your choice— and that’s what makes it so easy to have an amazing and filling breakfast each morning.

Does It Change The Color Of Your Pee?

No, the green will be from spinach and the one on the left is from the banana. But if you notice an unusual color in your urine (it shouldn’t), you might want to consider having a conversation with your doctor about this.

My pee always turns green after drinking juice … does that mean I have a problem?

No, it doesn’t change the way your body works or how enzymes are made.


The good news is that drinking apple juice a few times a week won’t cause you to gain belly. But, if you drink it every day, you’ll be taking in 14% more fructose than the daily amount recommended by health experts.

After two weeks of this, your liver enzymes increase and glucose in the blood levels decrease. This makes even more room for fructose to be stored as fat around your belly.